About Us


I started raising funds for a very special little girl named “Tori”. She became part of our FMP & ITS families as both her parents worked for me.  We raised funds to allow her family to place her on the heart and lung transplant list. We  lost her way too soon in 2002. But I know she is smiling down on me with each event I continue to do with my finger and toes nails painted Tori purple!, a tradition I have passed on to my granddaughter as well.  Tori will always be in my heart as I move forward and grow my fundraising efforts.


Susan MarshallI have been raising awareness and funds for CF since 2007.  That is when my precious granddaughter Josie was confirmed to have Cystic Fibrosis.  She was so perfect how could this be? That is what we get asked every day when people see her playing or just being Josie.  She does not look like anything is wrong with her.  But what you do not see is the enzymes she has hidden so well in her purse so even her closest friends on an outing do not see her take before every meal or even a snack.  Or the vest that inflates like a blood pressure cuff to shake the mucus from her lungs that she does several times daily.  Or the countless aerosol nebulizer treatments to head off any type of lung infection.  These are just a few things that are part of our daily routine.  I will continue to raise funds till we have a cure for her and all children with CF.

We met thru the folks at the Nashville office of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We were both involved with other CF events at the time.  They knew we both shared a very common desire. At our time of meeting each other we both had experienced a very different stage of CF. Our friendship begin to grow as well as our grand-daughter’s friendships at the same time. If you know either of us much at all you know how important these two are to us. Along with their siblings and cousins of course! We are driven by a very common desire.

Together with our families and friends we have the love, compassion, and support needed to allow us to fulfill our dream of having several fundraising events annually.